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Zwilling kitchen knives: new engraving on the blade

The engraving on the blade, the one you have grown accustomed to, was updated. It is now smaller and the design changed. In the coming months Zwilling will enhance all its kitchen knives with this new engraving. As such it could occur that you receive a Zwilling knife with a different engraving than is shown on the photograph. Don't worry! We only sell original Zwilling kitchen knives. The knife you receive from us is absolutely not a fake!

The engraving was changed in a couple respects:

  • While at first you saw a code in cubes, you now see a numerical code;
  • While at first 'Zwilling Heckels' was located on the left side of the Zwilling logo, 'Henckels' is now gone;
  • Even the 'Friodur Ice Hardened' and 'No Stain' have been removed;
  • The lay-out also changed.

See the photographs below for clarification.

New engraving Zwilling kitchen knives
Old engraving Zwilling kitchen knives

As soon as all engravings are updated we will also update the photographs on the website. Until then the knife can, unfortunately, deviate from the photographs.

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