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How do you maintain a flashlight?

If you have found the perfect flashlight you want to make sure you can use it as long as possible. But what is the best way to maintain a flashlight? And what do you need to pay attention to? Maintenance isn't difficult, but very important. If you take good care of your flashlight it can last 10 to 20 years.

Prevent water damage

Is your flashlight waterproof? If so it is important to properly maintain the o-rings and replace them in time. As soon as the o-rings break or dries out your flashlight will no longer be waterproof. That is why you should occasionally grease them with silicone grease. You don't have to do this every other week, simply add some grease once a year. When do you, don't forget to grease the rubber tailcap. Not only does this cap wear out, it shouldn't dry out as well.

Also make sure you properly close the light after maintenance! This is often where things go wrong. Perhaps you put your light up for storage for some time, loosening the tailcap. Or perhaps you replaced the batteries. When you start using your light again you need to make sure the whole is properly closed off, otherwise water can still seep in. So always check this before use!

The batteries

A non-rechargeable flashlight

Many non-rechargeable flashlights work with AA or AAA batteries. If you use alkaline batteries these can start to leak. That is why you should always use batteries of the same type and the same brand. Planning to not use your flashlight for a while? Remove the batteries. If batteries stay inside an (unused) flashlight too long chances are they will start to leak. This doesn't happen as often with lithium batteries, but it can still occur that even these will start to leak. Especially if you use batteries that are of a poor quality this can occur.

A rechargeable flashlight

If you own a rechargeable flashlight, or one with an individual rechargeable battery, it is key you charge it on a regular basis. Planning to not use your flashlight for a while? Loosen the tailcap to make sure there is no voltage on the light. This is better for the battery, but also for the entire light. Don't, however, forget to close it properly if you want to use it again!

The LED lights

Today almost all lights are enhanced with one or multiple LED lights. It doesn't happen often that the LED breaks before one of the other parts, but it does happen. If you own a HDS systems or Maglite light you can easily replace the LED lights. For many other brands the following applies: if the LED breaks within 5 years it can be repaired under warranty.

Please note: did your light break within the warranty period during normal use? Please contact us. Do keep in mind that the conditions for returns and warranty differ per brand. As such we will assess each case individually.

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