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Shot Show 2019: the Spyderco Ikuchi, designed by Paul Alexander

Shot Show 2019, a place where many brands show their new models to the world for the first time. One of these brands is Spyderco, which introduces a new stunning knife almost each show. This year they also wowed us with multiple new models. The Spyderco Ikuchi is one of them. This pocket knife was designed by Paul Alexander and it is the fourth pocket knife he produced in cooperation with Spyderco.

Paul Alexander

We were overjoyed when we learned that Paul Alexander would also be present at the Shot Show. You are probably familiar with the name. Paul Alexander designed multiple amazing pocket knives such as the Spyderco Ouroboros, Sliverax and Parata. Paul Alexander has a background in mechanical engineering and has been a fan of knives his whole life. His designs can be recognized by the organic shapes and wavy lines in the design. As with most Santoku kitchen knives the edge is lower than the handle, and the handle is narrower at the pivot than at the pocket clip.

De Spyderco Ikuchi

The Ikuchi, however, is different from the three models mentioned above. Here we cannot find this Santoku shape. The Ikuchi is namely based on a traditional slipjoint! A surprising but right choice made by Paul Alexander. The Ikuchi is taking the knife world by storm. The slim design and unique opening mechanism, combined with Spyderco's famous compression lock, turns out to be the perfect combination for many people. Curious? We most certainly were. For that reason we got hold of Paul Alexander to hear everything about his designs and the concept behind the Spyderco Ikuchi.

We hope to have this model in stock as soon as possible. In the meantime we will post multiple topics about the Shot Show and the newest products. Stay tuned!

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