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Morakniv knives buying guide: which Morakniv should I get?

You are looking for a MoraKniv knife. But which one? We understand it is difficult choosing from such a vast range of knives. There are many different sizes and shapes of Morakniv knives. That is why we will help you out! Below, we made a list of all Mora collections with a description of what makes that collection so special. As such, you can quickly decide which knife will suit you best!

Morakniv Basic collection

Morakniv Basic knives are simple and good. Nothing more, nothing less. Because it is so affordable it is a perfect knife for those looking for a knife for the demanding tasks. Fun fact: these knives are so affordable they are also used as disposable knives. You should, however, never underestimate a knife from the Morakniv Basic collection. They are easy to use and many sheaths can be stacked. For those who prefer to bring more than one knife.

Morakniv Garberg collection

The most expensive knife from the Morakniv range. But you also get a lot in return! Large, top-quality knives that are also incredibly functional. According to Morakniv their most sustainable knife ever produced. Many experience bushcraft and survival experts use them on a daily basis. You can trust the Garberg with your life! The thick scandi edge is not suited for precise cutting tasks, but perfect for heavy-duty use like splitting wood. With the sharp spine you can scrape the bark from a tree for tinder or produce sparks with a firesteel. Go with a blade made from carbon or stainless steel, with or without coating.

Morakniv Kansbol collection

The Morakniv Kansbol is an incredibly versatile outdoor knife. At first glance the Kansbol looks a lot like the Garberg. But there are some differences. The blade, for instance. It is thick just behind the edge for the more demanding cutting tasks and thinner towards the tip. As such this knife is perfect for food prep, but also cutting cardboard. In short: a real all-rounder. Perfect for on the campsite. When you are faced with many different tasks.

Morakniv Bushcraft collection

The name already gives it away. The Morakniv Bushcraft collection is made for bushcraft purposes. In terms of function and size these knives are in between the Garberg/Kansbol and Basic. The best of both worlds! A little more expensive than the most affordable Mora knives, but still very affordable! For those looking for a compact bushcraft knife that can also be used for the lighter tasks. Knives from this collection are enhanced with a very comfortable handle with rubber for a lot of grip.

Morakniv Companion collection

Morakniv Companion knives are light-weight bushcraft knives. Due to its price perfect as your very first bushcraft knife. Or to accompany a much more expensive bushcraft knife, for tasks you would rather not use your expensive knife. These knives are reliable and easy to sharpen. As such they are popular amongst hunters who are always looking for a razor-sharp knife. It is for a reason that this is one of the most famous outdoor knives ever produced.

Morakniv Classic collection

Morakniv Classic knives are still produced according to the designs from the 19th century. As such, they look very classic, especially in combination with the wooden handle. The knives are a little smaller and made for daily tasks and food prep. But they are also great for light bushcraft tasks. You use a knife from this collection if you feel style is just as important as function.

Morakniv Eldris collection

Morakniv Eldris knives are the most compact knives from the Morakniv range. Perfect for every day carry, bushcraft and when camping. Due to its size you can easily carry it around your neck as a neck knife or as back-up knife in your bag. For precise cutting tasks for which you cannot use a larger knife. And yet the Eldris can handle its own. Due to the thick handle you namely have a lot of grip over the knife! Because it is so compact the Eldris can also easily be used by young bushcraft enthusiasts.

Morakniv wood carving knives

Morakniv produces amazing wood carving knives. With it you can make your own wooden spoons and kuksa's. These are traditional Scandinavian mugs made from wood. By the campfire, or simply at home, in front of the tv. The blades are made from laminated steel. A core of hard steel that retains its sharpness, laminated in between two layers of softer steel for solidity. And all that for an amazingly low price. Are you creative? If so a wood carving knife shouldn't be missing from your collection.

Morakniv Ash Wood collection

With the new Ash Wood collection, Morakniv focuses on sustainable outdoor knives. The blade is made from recycled stainless steel, and the handle is made in Europe from European ash wood. The sheath is made from European leather, and even the packaging is made from fully recyclable cardboard. This collection includes various models. These include the compact Morakniv Finn, the medium-sized Wit and the largest size: the Lok. These are bushcraft knives that can also be used when you're hunting or camping. Additionally, there's the Rombo: a tough-looking outdoor cooking knife.

All Morakniv knives

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