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Morakniv Eldris knives? Compact and practical!

The Mora Eldris is a compact outdoor knife. Because of the 'compound grind' with slim tip and normal blade thickess on the rest of the blade it is much more versatile than its size might suggest. Use it during camping trips for food prep or to start a fire. It will hardly take up any room in your backpack and weighs next to nothing. You can even carry it as a neck knife.

Morakniv Eldris: quite the underdog!

Because of its modest blade length you might think that this knife is mostly used by children. This knife, however, is perfect for adults as well! The handle is namely quite thick to make sure you have enough grip.


Morakniv Eldris vs Eldris LightDuty

The most popular, small Morakniv knife is the Eldris. Compact, light-weight, affordable and versatile. But in addition to the regular Eldris there is also the Eldris LightDuty. They look alike, but what are the differences between the two?