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Morakniv Garberg knives: robust, all-round bushcraft knives

The Garberg has been one of the most popular bushcraft knives on the market for many years. It's a strong bushcraft knife, made to be used. With its simple but great ergonomics, this knife is a friend to everyone. With the sharp spine you can scrape the bark from a tree for tinder or produce sparks with a firesteel. Building a campfire becomes a piece of cake!

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Features of Morakniv Garberg knives

Morakniv has outdoor use running through its veins, and it says a lot that Mora calls the Garberg their most durable knife ever. You can take a Garberg with you no matter where you are going!

Morakniv Garberg: blade

Most Garberg knives feature a full-tang construction with a scandi grind blade made of carbon steel. This steel is tough and easy to sharpen. It might not be stainless, but Morakniv added a coating to improve corrosion resistance. There are also stainless versions available of the Garberg. The blade has a droppoint shape that looks a little like a clippoint. The length makes it suitable for demanding tasks and more detailed cutting tasks like carving or food prep.

Morakniv Garberg: handle

The handle seamlessly merges with the blade, and it's made from sustainable polyamide. The diamond pattern on the handle offers enough grip. Use the paracord lanyard eye to attach a lanyard or wrist cord to the knife. Part of the full-tang sticks out at the end of the handle, allowing you to use this part as a kind of improvised hammer.


The sheath of the Morakniv Garberg differs per knife. There are knives that come with a multi-mount sheath, a polymer sheath or a leather sheath. With all these options, there's something for everyone!