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New: the Spyderco Brouwer C232GTIP, designed by Jerry Brouwer

The Spyderco Brouwer is a compact EDC pocket knife designed by Jerry Brouwer. This Dutch knife maker is the first Dutchie to ever design a Spyderco pocket knife.

The Spyderco Brouwer is based on the custom Brouwer Flanker. When you hold the knife you immediately notice that the designer paid close attention to the ergonomics. Your fingers perfectly fit in the grooves which makes it feel great in hand. The blade might appear a little short because of the finger groove that is located at  the beginning of the edge. However, you will soon discover you won’t need any more than this knife is giving you. After all, you can do a lot more with a compact knife you can control, than a large knife you cannot.

An ingenious little detail on the Spyderco Brouwer is the lockbar insert. A difficult concept for such an important part. The lock is taken care of by a titanium framelock. This framelock has been enhanced with a blind steel insert to make sure it will last longer.

The Spyderco Brouwer upclose

Who is knife maker Jerry Brouwer?

Jerry Brouwer has been popular in the Dutch knife world for years. His Japanese inspired fixed knives and his cool pocket knives are still the highlight of the collection according to many collectors. 

Brouwer is mostly known as someone who doesn’t settle for less. He is always looking for the best types of steel. And not only the steel needs to be perfect, the heat treatment should be as well. He even prefers having his knives hardened in the United States. Simply because he believes that there he will get the best results. His need to always look for quality is what characterizes his work.

At forums and in the knife community Brouwer is known under his alias Halloween. It is his logo and for that reason it is also engraved on the side of the blade.

The Spyderco Brouwer C232GTIP is now available!