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Using sharpening guides

How to prevent scratching during use of sharpening guides?

Minosharp’s sharpening guides have a plastic finish on the inside. Nevertheless, we occasionally get questions from customers that have tiny scratches on the blade after using the guides. These spots are in fact not scratches but more a polishing effect of the plastic on the steel.

Preventing this is very easy

A double layer of painter’s tape will prevent the guides leaving a mark on the blade. We always recommend to use a double layer of tape over the surface where the guides touch the steel. See the video here:

Rinse the knife after sharpening

In addition to using the tape with the sharpening aide, it is also advised to rinse the knife with water after sharpening. This way any slurry left behind won’t scratch on the blade while removing the aide.

In conclusion

Fortunately scratching the blade almost never happens. With the tips above you can make sure it will absolutely never happen. Have fun sharpening and mind your fingers!