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LED torches & batteries

Outdoor sports all year round with Fenix head torches

As the sun sets and twilight sets in you do want to be able to see in the dark. A head torch is the perfect solution. Because you wear this torch on your forehead, you will always keep both your hands free. Fenix has developed a perfect head torch for every situation. Continue reading and learn why Fenix head torches are so good.

Fenix head torches: top-quality LED lights

Characterizing for Fenix head torches is that they are all enhanced with top-quality LED lights. Fenix believes innovation is key and continues to improve these LED lights. As such you will always have a top-quality head torch around. The high output is also a typical characteristic. Light outputs vary from at least 1 lumen to up to 1750 lumens. All powerful head torches where some produce even more lumens than others. Fenix head torches are furthermore always enhanced with the latest, modern technology to ensure that they are reliable products.


When you compare a Fenix head torch to a couple of other brands you immediately notice that Fenix excels when it comes to the amount of light modes. You don't have to be surprised when you find a head torch with 7 light modes. The battery time is also very impressive. By using the right materials in combination with a constant brightness control system, Fenix head torches produce a much brighter light beam than other head torches.

Light-weight head torches

A head torch shouldn't be an obstruction on your head. We know that nothing is more annoying than a head torch that is too heavy. Fenix understands this and ensures that the head torches are light-weight. In our range you will find Fenix head torches that weigh from 19 to 239 grams.

Modern design

Fenix appreciates a good design. The Fenix head torches stand out in a good way. They often have a reflective black/orange headband, but they are also available in black/blue, black/yellow, black/purple etc. It doesn't really matter which colour you choose, the finish looks amazing. Despite their weight the head torches are always robust and decent. They can handle their own and withstand rough weather conditions. These head torches namely have at least the IP66 standard which means that they are water and dust proof.