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LED torches & batteries

Flashlights with a combined beam: light up as much as possible

These head torches and flashlights have a broad and focused beam. With it you light up surfaces both far and broad. Perfect when you want to light up as much of your surroundings as possible. Perfect during search ops, rescue ops or when discovering caves, but also for different outdoor activities. From trail running to hiking in the mountains these lights will be the perfect companion.

Different beams 

By choosing the right beam, you are already a long way in finding the perfect light. Do keep in mind that with a focused and combined light beam you can blind yourself or oncoming traffic. If you own a flashlight with a broad beam you don't run that risk. Are you not sure if these are the right lights for you? We are happy to help you with our flashlight buying guide.

Focused beam: targeted illumination

For long distance lighting. With it you purposefully illuminate any object, to make sure you can see the situation from afar. Perfect for search ops, law enforcement, climbing, hunting or when discovering caves. Check out all lights with a focused beam.

Broad beam: light up your immediate surroundings

With a broad beam you can light up large areas at a short distance. Perfect for walks, when camping, for security services, on-site surveillance or photography. For these types of situations you namely don't need a distant beam, but a broader one. As such you can easily light up your surroundings. Check out all lights with a broad beam.