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Maglite Mini: the best-selling small Maglite

The Maglite Mini is Maglite's best-selling small light. A top-quality flashlight that is just as good as the larger sized flashlights. 

The Maglite Mini is available in two series: the Classic version (with Krypton) and a LED-version. The name already betrays the difference: this Maglite is enhanced with a sustainable LED light. Within the collection you can choose from two versions: works with 2x-AA batteries or 2x-AAA batteries. The difference can be found in the length of the light and the light output. Once you know which light you want you can also choose from a couple of different colours. 

Maglite Mini Pro

This Pro-edition has 272 lumens, a lot more than the average Maglite Mini LED. The beam distance of this version is 163 meters. The beam can be focused to make sure you can determine how much light you will need per situation. This Pro version is mostly suited for people who need a slightly higher light output compared to the normal version. On the other hand, there are no adjustable light modes.