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Wüsthof knives

Wüsthof chef’s knives provide an even bigger celebration to cutting. The history of the German brand goes back to 1810 and has more than proven itself since then. Providing different series of knives for both the home cook and the professional chef, everyone can enrich his kitchen with a knife by Wüsthof. Below you can read what characterises each series.

Wüsthof Classic

Outstanding sharpness, ultimate cutting performances

The Wüsthof Classic knives have a strong blade made of chromium-vanadium and are delivered razor sharp. Every knife is sharpened with laser precision before it leaves the factory.

Classic look, highest standard

The Classic-knives owe their classic look to the three rivets in the handle. The knives are suitable for heavy-duty and frequent use. Also provided with the NSF hygiene label; a leading label when it comes to knives.

Plenty of choice, something for everyone

The Wüsthof Classic-series is one of the most extensive Wüsthof-series. Therefore anyone can compose his or her own Wüsthof-set of knives from the Classic-knives. If you are looking for a knife with classic characteristics and outstanding sharpness, a knife from the Classic-series might probably be something for you.