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Bushcraft: so much more than only survival

Bushcraft - a concept that is often misunderstood. Is it survival? Is it 'doing something in the woods'? Is it about building a fire? The answer is no, that is not bushcraft. It is more than that. What it is exactly is something we will try to explain.

Bushcraft is a way of life. It is so much more than simply learning more about survival techniques. It is also about consciously choosing to stay outside and cooperate with nature. Bushcraft enthusiasts want to be a part of nature and want to learn all about how to do so properly. In addition to learning specific techniques creativity is also key.

To master the right knowledge and techniques you need time. Bushcraft basically includes everything needed to live and survive in nature. Think of using a knife, building a fire, finding (and preparing) food, building shelter. Things most people need to learn first.

Bushcraft will take you back to your roots, to the life once lived by our ancestors. Suddenly you will find yourself making your own cutlery, preparing your own meat over a fire you built yourself, and sleeping under a roof made from pine branches. It enables you to experience ultimate freedom. 

Today bushcraft courses are taught throughout the country. Dealing with your knife, spending the night in nature, preparing your own food, these are just a few of the skills you master during these courses. Within days you will know for sure if the bushcraft lifestyle suits you.