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Bushcraft knives for survival tasks: just a bit stronger

Bushcraft knives are, of course, perfect for bushcraft purposes. But there are also bushcraft knives that are a little bit stronger, making them perfect for extreme circumstances. Those are the bushcraft knives for survival tasks. You use them when carrying out more demanding tasks, in addition to the 'standard' bushcraft tasks. Or when you find yourself in situations when you really need to be able to depend on your knife.

What makes a bushcraft knife great for survival purposes?

The knives we use for survival tasks are often enhanced with a stronger blade. In case of an emergency you need to be able to rely on it. The same applies to the handles: these are often made from synthetic materials, because these types of materials can handle anything. Wooden handle can, after all, break when the temperature or humidity changes. You don't want that in case of an emergency. No: these are knives you can rely on. You can also use these knives to baton wood (at your own risk) to build a fire or for other camp craft activities.