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Bushcraft knives for food prep: ideal for Outdoor Cooking

Bushcraft knives are, of course, perfect for bushcraft purposes. But not every bushcraft knife is great when you start cooking. Knives with a scandi edge are great for wood work, but not when peeling an apple. You notice that the blade will be too thick to properly peel an apple. It will break. There are also other bushcraft knives with a different, thick grind. That is why we made a list of all bushcraft knives great for food prep.

What makes a bushcraft knife great for food prep?

These knives are all enhanced with a relatively thin edge. Also called a flat grind, like you often see on kitchen knives. Or a thin convex edge. These types of knives are perfect for outdoor cooking. When you use a Dutch Oven or Skillet over an open flame a cool outdoor knife will be indispensable.