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Eden kitchen knives: top quality, great value for money

Knivesandtools has designed the home brand Eden Quality as the driving force behind various online shops. These are always products of exceptionally high quality. And the value for money is unprecedented. That is because the products are directly purchased from manufacturers who also produce for famous brands. By selling directly to the consumers Knivesandtools can guarantee first class quality at very sharp prices.

Eden Classic Damast

Beautifully marked steel and handle

The Eden Classic Damast series is made of Japanese damascus steel, which has stunning markings. The handle matches in style and is made of a composite material consisting of linen and resin.

Hard and wear resistant AUS-10 steel!

The core of the blade, which is the edge with which you cut, is actually very hard and stainless AUS-10 steel (hardness 60° on the Rockwell scale). This hard and strong steel ensures that the knives stay sharp for a long time.

Perfect cutting properties

In addition to the beautiful appearance, the blade has excellent cutting properties. The knives from the Eden Quality Classic Damast series are sharpened to perfection.

Eden Kanso Aogami

Hand-forged and razor sharp

The Eden Kanso Aogami series are hand-forged from Blue Paper Steel. These knives may require more attention than the average kitchen knife, but the advantages are great. These knives are razor-sharp and really beautiful as well.

Hard and very tough

Despite the hardness of the Blue Paper Steel, these knives are still reasonably resistant to chipping. Having said that, that doesn't mean you can cut frozen meat or bones with these knives.

A lifetime of pleasure

If these knives are treated correctly, cutting will never be the same experience again. In this price range you will find no sharper knives.

Eden Sugoi Olive

Fantastic knives with a Japanese design

The knives from the Eden Sugoi Olive collection are the basis for any lover of Japanese-style knives. The series owes part of its name to the oval handles made of olive wood. The oval shape is one of the distinctive types of Japanese handles. The olive wood of the handle doesn't only look amazing, its pattern is also unique per knife. This series consists of several kitchen knives with stunning olive wood handles, that are perfect for cutting fish, meat and vegetables.

The blade

The blades of these knives are made from Japanese VG10 steel. This is a stainless type of steel with a relatively high carbon content, meaning that the VG10 steel is a lot harder than most stainless types of steel. As a result, the edge of the knife has a very thin grind and is truly razor-sharp. The blades of these knives are enhanced with a printed damascus finish. As a result, the knives look amazing. The knives in the Eden Sugoi Olive series do not have a bolster that gets in the way while cutting. In addition, the knife is easy to sharpen because the bolster won't get in the way as you sharpen from heel to edge.

Eden Elements

Cutting with the elements

With the Eden Elements kitchen knives you'll truly be in your element. These five elegant and razor-sharp knives with an Asian twist seamlessly combine style and functionality. This collection was inspired by the five Asian elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Even though these elements serve as inspiration, it is the unparalleled efficiency of these knives that really makes them shine.

The blade

The stainless steel blade's surface features an intriguing partially-hammered finish. Originally, these dents were the result of the blacksmith's hammer. In Japan, this finish is known as Tsuchime. This finish is not only aesthetic, it also prevents food from sticking to the blade.

The handle

The handle is made from G10 with pretty colours. This is a very sturdy plastic that is resistant to moisture, heat and falls. The bolster is made from black G10.

Eden Hammered Damast

Razor-sharp jewellery for your kitchen

The Eden Hammered Damask kitchen knives are as graceful as they are practical. The blade has a core made from Japanese stainless steel and shows a beautiful damascus pattern. As icing on the cake, the blade has a hammered finish. This finish gives the knife a graceful look reminiscent of artisanal forging techniques from Japan.

The blade

The blades of these knives have a core made from strong and stainless AUS-10 steel. This type of steel is strong enough to retain its sharpness very well, but manageable enough to sharpen at home. The core is richly decorated with beautiful and stainless damascus steel with a hammered finish. Originally, these dents were the result of the blacksmith's hammer. In Japan, this finish is called Tsuchime.

The handle The handle is made from G10, a rock-solid type of plastic that is highly resistant to discolouration and moisture, acids and heat. The egg-shaped handle feels great in hand for both left- and right-handed users. The bolster, which is the metal part between the blade and the handle, is asymmetrical to provide a better grip when you're holding the knife in a pinch grip. The bolster of the handle contains a little steel plate that is engraved with Eden's logo.

Eden Essentials

Top-quality for an amazing price

The kitchen knives in the Essentials collection have all the qualities you could ask for as a demanding consumer. Absolute top-quality for the best possible price. 

The blade

The type of steel used for the blades is called X50CrMoV15 steel. A type of steel often used by renowned brands because of its great cutting properties and because it is corrosion resistant. The blades are very thin along the entire edge.

The handle

The blade seamlessly merges with the full-tang handle which is made from the extremely sustainable, hard polyoxymethylene. The three rivets are reminiscent of a classic German handle.

Eden Susumi SG2

Ultimate sharpness and rust resistant

The SG2 powder steel is what gives Susumi knives cutting properties similar to the Kanso Aogami series. The SG2 steel has the advantage of being corrosion resistant. The blade will still look as new after long-term use.

Top quality powder steel

SG2 is a powder steel with a very fine structure. As a result, hardness and cutting perfection increase. The sides of the Susumi knives are considerably harder than usual with damascus steel. Therefore, the side is more resistant to scratches.

Efficient cutting

The Japanese design, balance and the ergonomically shaped handles of red sandalwood (a type of rosewood) make working with the knives from the Susumi SG2 series a true delight.

Eden Takara

A Japanese treasure for your kitchen

Eden Takara kitchen knives are a treasure for every kitchen. The Japanese Tsuchime-technique hammered blade is luxurious and refined. Takara means 'treasure'.

The blade

The blade has a core of Aogami Super Blue steel, laminated between Paper-13Cr stainless steel for flexibility and durability. The hammered surface of the blade is not only beautiful to look at, it also prevents food from sticking to the blade.

The handle

The handles of the Takara knives are made to traditional Japanese design. The bolster is made of black Pakka wood and the grip itself is made of red sandalwood. A very lightweight choice.

Eden Dento

Traditional and razor sharp

These knives are made according to the centuries-old traditional craftsmanship of the Japanese knife makers. The exceptional characteristics are the light weight, the rustic finish of the blade and the extreme sharpness. Are you looking for a sharp Japanese kitchen knife? Eden Dento is perfect for you!

The blade

The core of the blade is forged from top-quality Aogami Blue Paper-steel. This is a non-stainless carbon steel that is hardened to approximately 63 HRC for the Dento-series. Due to its hardness, this steel can be sharpened extremely sharp. The core is laminated between two layers of softer stainless steel for protection.

The handle

The handle is made of beautiful American cherry wood and the bolster is made out of black Pakka wood. The handle is shaped in Japanese design and is very lightweight.

Eden knife sets

Many brands offer 'standard' sets. But, people can have many different wishes. Thus, with Eden kitchen knives, any desired combination can be chosen as a set. You put together your own set and automatically the corresponding discount is calculated. But rest assured, we also have several standard sets from Eden available.

Eden cutting boards

Complete your kitchen equipment with a stylish Eden cutting board. The handmade cutting boards are made of high value types of wood and are a feast for the eyes. The Eden cutting boards make a perfect work surface when cutting.

Constant development

We are constantly researching to see if our products are still up-to-date. If there are developments that could mean an improvement of our range, then we will take advantage of it as soon as possible. That is why sometimes we introduce new products and have to say goodbye to some of the well-known items.

25-year warranty!

We are so convinced of the quality of our kitchen knives that we give no less than 25 year warranty on material and manufacturing defects!