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Kitchen knives & cutting

Eden Essentials knives: affordable excellence

Are you looking for kitchen knives that are affordable and of outstanding quality? The Eden Essentials collection is the best choice. Simply excellent knives. They do the job well, rest comfortably in your hand, and are low-priced. Great value for money. What more could you ask for?

Eden Essentials kitchen knives: Extensively tested construction

For the development of the Eden Essentials collection we decided to look up our Portuguese manufacturer. The knives have a classic design and are ergonomically sound. The blade runs all the way to the end of the full-tang handle, which has been made from the extremely durable, hard polyoxymethylene.

German steel

The type of steel used for these knives is called X50CrMoV15, or German steel. It is a type of steel often used by the most renowned brands with great cutting properties and a substantial corrosion resistance. Each blade has been thinly grinded down over the entire length. As a result the cutting resistance has been brought down to a minimum which is remarkable for a Western knife.

Easy to maintain

Each knife should be sharpened in time. Fortunately this is a piece of cake with this type of steel. Simply moving your knife alongside a sharpening steel or sharpening stone is something you can easily do yourself! The Essentials knives are dishwasher-proof, but we recommend you wash them by hand. As such you will prevent the metal from damaging which will enable you to enjoy them even longer.

Complete collection

You will go a long way with a great chef’s knife. However, if you want you can expand this collection with all basics for your kitchen, which are, each and every one of them, great products. A peeling knife, a paring knife, a gourmet peeler, a carving knife, a bread knife, and even a santoku knife will complete your collection. And, of course, the steak knife collection… Dinner’s ready!

A 25-year guarantee on Essentials kitchen knives

We offer a 25-year guarantee on material and/or manufacturing defects!