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Eden Essentials kitchen knives: affordable excellence

Are you looking for good-quality kitchen knives that are also affordable? Look no further, the Eden Essentials collection has everything you could possibly need. No unnecessary fuss. Simply excellent knives. They feel great in hand, have amazing cutting capabilities and they are inexpensive. Incredible value for money. What more could you need?

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Eden Essentials features

For the Eden Essentials series, we brought our design to our Portuguese manufacturer. The design of the knives is classic and ergonomically completely sound. The blade extends to the end of the full-tang handle, which is made of extremely durable and hard polyoxymethylene.

German steel

The steel used for this series of kitchen knives is X50CrMoV15 steel, which is also known as German steel. This type of steel is widely used by renowned brands because it has good cutting properties and is very corrosion-resistant. Each blade has a very thin grind over its entire length. As such, the cutting resistance is remarkably low for a Western knife.

Easy to maintain

Each knife needs to be sharpened in time. Fortunately, this is a piece of cake with this type of steel. Simply sharpen your knife with a sharpening steel or with sharpening stones. The Eden Essentials kitchen knives are dishwasher proof, but we recommend washing them by hand. This prevents deterioration of the material and allows you to keep enjoying these great knives for longer.

Complete collection

A good chef's knife goes a long way. But if you'd like, you can expand your collection with all the basics for the kitchen, all equally good. A turning knife, paring knife, peeling knife, carving knife, bread knife or even a santoku will complete the picture. And, of course, the steak knife set is a must-have.

25-year warranty on Eden Essentials kitchen knives

We offer a 25-year warranty on material and manufacturing defects!