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Eden magnetic knife holders: an asset to your kitchen

With an Eden knife magnet you can really display your knives in all their glory. Don't stuff them in a drawer or a knife block: show them off! You can place your knives on the magnetic strip on your wall, and the magnet in the strip ensures your knives will remain securely in place! Knife magnets are safe for your blades; the blade only touches the wood. The cutting edge will not get damaged. Elevate your knives to works of art on your wall.

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Eden knife magnets features

The knife magnets are available in different wood types. From luxurious types of wood like zebrano wood or olive wood, to gorgeous classics like ash. Since these knife magnets are made from wood, each one will be unique. Cool! They come in many shapes and sizes. There are even magnets that you hang vertically instead of horizontally. As such, there's a knife magnet for every kitchen! Mounting these knife magnets is also possible in any kitchen. Most Eden knife magnets come with an adhesive strip and screws. You don't even need to drill a hole in your wall. Which knife magnet will suit your kitchen best?

Eden knife magnets maintenance

Cleaning these magnets is super easy. All it takes is a damp cloth. Eden knife magnets are enhanced with a coat of mineral oil. Is the colour of the wood becoming less vibrant over time? Simply add a new coat of mineral oil for cutting boards, and your knife magnet will be good as new!