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Eden Sugoi Olive: amazing Japanese-style kitchen knives

The knives from the Eden Sugoi Olive collection are the basis for any lover of Japanese-style knives. The series owes part of its name to the oval handles made of olive wood. The oval shape is one of the characterizing designs of Japanese handles. The olive-wooden handle doesn't only look amazing, it is also unique for each knife. The marking of the wood may differ from that of the image on the website. This series consists of several kitchen knives with stunning olive wood handles, that are perfect for cutting fish, meat and vegetables.

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Eden Sugoi Olive features

Blade made from VG10 steel

The blades of the Eden Sugoi Olive kitchen knives are made from Japanese VG10, hardened up to 58-60 HRC. It is a stainless type of steel with a relatively high carbon content. This means that VG10 steel is a lot harder than most stainless types of steel. As a result, the edge of the knife has a very thin grind and is truly razor-sharp. This type of steel is also known to be easy to sharpen thanks to the molecular make-up of the steel. We can talk about it for hours, but we won't. The blades of these knives are enhanced with a damascus finish. It looks amazing! The knives in the Eden Sugoi Olive series do not have a bolster that gets in the way while cutting, nor will it get in the way when you're sharpening the knife.

Maintaining your new kitchen knives

If you properly maintain your new knives you can enjoy them for years! Like most kitchen knives, the knives from the Sugoi Olive collection are not dishwasher safe. If you put them in the dishwasher you will notice soon enough that the olive wood will be affected. It is the result of a combination of the harsh detergent, the heat and the fact that the blades stay damp too long in the dishwasher. The dishwasher can damage the wooden handle and the blade can start to rust. This is why it is best to wash and dry them by hand immediately after use. Keep the wood in optimal condition by regularly applying a coat of mineral oil to the handle.

Eden: a Knivesandtools exclusive brand

Eden knives are exclusively available at Knivesandtools. We are convinced of the quality of our Eden kitchen knives. That is why we offer a 25-year warranty on material and production flaws.