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Kitchen Knives & Cutting

Eden Kanso Aogami, an unprecedented cutting experience

The special kitchen knives of the Kanso Aogami Series are hand forged in Japan. Kanso means simplicity in Japanese and refers to the goal of the development of those knives: giving you the ultimate cutting experience at an as low as possible price, without compromise.

Aogami refers to the major asset of this series: the steel type. The kitchen knives are made from Blue Paper Steel; a steel type with a hardness of 62-63 HRC. The Kanso Aogami knives can be sharpened extremely thin. The Blue Paper Steel is extremely suitable for this and is strong enough to stop it from breaking. The traditional Japanese handle in ‘red sandalwood’ is asymmetrical and therefore very comfortable in your hand. Available in a left-handed and right-handed version.

Use and maintenance of this knives

The unique Blue Paper Steel of the Kanso Aogami has excellent characteristics for fantastic cutting. The steel must be maintained with care and love. This steel is quite sensitive to rust. This can be absolutely prevented if you dry the knives immediately after use. In time a natural oxidation layer will be formed, a so-called patina, that protects against rust.

25 years guarantee!

You have 25 years guarantee on the kitchen knives for material and manufacture defects. Be aware that rust specks on these knives are no material defect and that they are not dishwasher safe.