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Robert Herder '1922' Chef's knife 23 cm carbon

Robert Herder '1922' Chef's knife 23 cm carbon
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SKU: RH2092189
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A special chef's knife, original design from 1922. The very thin blade is made of carbon steel (not stainless) and because of that, it cuts like a warm knife through butter!

Background information
Cutting, for a large part, has to do with bridging resistance. The thicker a knife is, the more resistance it encounters while cutting. The material that is being cut, is being pressed to the sides in the process. If the knife is thick, it gets pressed further to the side and the knife gets sort of stuck.
Making a thin blade requires, besides craftmanship, steel which is extremely strong. This is the reason that the knife is made of carbon steel (not stainless) instead of stainless steel, which is much weaker.
If you rinse the knife immediately after use and dry it very well, you can enjoy these knives for a lifetime.

Due to the special properties of the steel, this knife is not qualified for our laser engravement service. The result does not meet our requirements.
Robert Herder knives are largely hand-made, which may cause for a longer delivery time. This can also mean that the delivery time on our website can be subject to change. When the knife is ‘in stock’ we have received it from the factory and can ship it out to you.


  • Brand: Robert Herder
  • Series: Buckels
  • Type: cook's knife
  • Delivered as a set: no
  • Number of knives: 1
  • Overall length: 35.3 cm
  • Blade length: 23 cm
  • Blade height: 4.6 cm
  • Blade thickness: 3.1 mm
  • Weight: 220 gram
  • Type of steel: carbon steel
  • Hardness: 60 HRC
  • Finish blade: light matted
  • Blade characteristics: smooth
  • Type of edge: plain edge
  • Way of sharpening: Western sharpening angle
  • Sharpening angle: 15º
  • Total angle: 30 graden
  • Type of handle: Western grip
  • Handle length: 12.5 cm
  • Material handle: plum wood
  • Colour: brown
  • Right or left-handed: symmetrical
  • Dishwasher safe: no
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: 25 year
  • Can be engraved: no
Artikelnr.: RH2092189
Robert Herder '1922' Chef's knife 23 cm carbon
in stock  
€ 199.00  € 169.00

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Reviews     (9)   Average score from 1 review(s)
Naam: Paul Graham, London
Datum: 02 March 2011

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   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateThis is MY knife. No-one else gets to use it. It gets stored away from all our other knives.

There are two key points to separate it from most other knives:-
Its blade is carbon steel, and
The width of the blade is narrow.

These are positives for me but some folk may not agree. Carbon steel blunts easily (don't use a glass or very hard chopping board) but will readily take an edge from a steel - 2 or 3 strokes each side before each use is fine. Carbon steel also discolours quickly - enjoy how it looks when it comes out of the box because it won't stay that way for long! Acidic foods, e.g. lemons, cause a reaction on the steel. You should clead and dry the blade immediately or it will discolour (and flavour) the next thing it cuts. As long as you know these things in advance it's not a problem. The thin blade just makes cutting things easier as there's less energy/force required to separate the food on each side of the blade. Also, for delicate items, I find I get a cleaner cut than if using a wide blade.

I've used an 8-inch chef's knife for the majority of my food prep for 20+ years. Mostly a Sabatier carbon steel one that my kids have damaged, but also an expensive Kasumi. I'd go for a carbon steel one anytime. The Robert Herder one is a little heavier than the Sabatier but has a better build quality and is very comfortable to use.

Expensive. But IMO the right tool for the job.