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inova flashlights

INOVA torches for the demanding consumer

INOVA is manufactured by the American company Emissive Energy. INOVA is specialised in compact, high quality LED-torches both for professional users and demanding individual consumers.

Nite Ize and INOVA

Nite Ize has taken over INOVA for their great innovative know-how. The company is co-responsible for the creation of a new generation of lamps that use high power LEDs. Their light performance is optimally used with special lens constructions. Most of these extremely functional lights are built from hard-anodised aluminium, considering extremely accurate production tolerances. Design is extremely important for INOVA too. All products are very sharp in design.

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 Inova - Microlight (White)

Solide LED-light to wear on the key ring. White light. Clip system.

 Inova  X5 ultraviolet LED torch

High quality and compact design LED torch with 5 high-output LED's. Wavelength: 365-400 nanometer.

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