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LED torches & batteries

Torches with CR123A, compact battery for a compact torch!

The CR123A-battery is almost as thick as an 18650-battery, but half the length. For this reason, this battery type is often used in shorter torches.


When we compare a torch that works on CR123A-batteries to one that works on AAA-batteries, we see that both versions are usually very compact. The CR123A has the advantage of a higher capacity over most AAA-batteries. For example, a Duracel CR123a battery usually contains 1600mAh, and an Energizer Industrial AAA-battery only 1250mAh. Also, a CR123A hardly discharges by itself and can not leak. This makes the torch with these batteries very suitable for sporadic use. So if you need a torch to put in your car for emergency cases, one with CR123A-batteries is very suitable for this job.

When you own torches that work on 18650-batteries as well as CR123A-batteries, then you can often use 2 CR123A's in a torch that was designed for an 18650-battery. Ideal in case you unexpectedly end up without charged 18650's.


A disadvantage of these batteries is the fact that they are usually quite pricey. We only sell very high quality Duracell CR123A-batteries. We buy these in large quantities, in order to offer these quality batteries for a very sharp price.