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LED torches & batteries

Torches on AA-batteries, easy and versatile

It's very easy to get a new energy source for a torch that is powered by AA-batteries. After all, that means that you can simply walk into any grocery store for a new set of batteries. Also, you can choose either a good set of rechargeable NiMH-batteries, or alkaline- or lithium-penlites for single use.


Rechargeable NiMH-batteries are suitable for use in powerful torches, they are also very competitively priced. They can be found in different versions, which are each built up differently. For example, you can get NiMH batteries with a higher capacity, though these are a bit more sensitive to self discharge. For intense use, these batteries can be very suitable. A version with a lower capacity (such as 2100mAh) has a significantly lower self discharge and is therefore more suitable for incidental use. We also sell Duracell 2400mAh NiMH batteries, these can keep their charge for over a year. With this battery, you take profit of the advantages of both versions.

Alkaline AA-batteries are most common. These are also the AA-batteries which you find at the check out of your supermarket. They can not be recharged, but have a good price point and keep their charge for about 4 years. These batteries may have some difficulties to supply the high energy demand of more powerful torches. Another disadvantage is that these batteries can leak.


Lithium AA-batteries can supply a bit more power than the alkaline-version, but they are also a bit more expensive. Almost all torches that work on alkaline-batteries, will also function very well with lithium-batteries. However, this does not apply to torches with a light bulb, as the bulb can blow out it can't handle the higher power supply. Therefore, make sure to check this before use. Vice versa, alkaline-AA's can always be used in torches which recommend lithium-batteries.