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Naniwa Diamond Pro: brilliant sharpening stones for professional users

The Naniwa Diamond Pro sharpening stones are Naniwa’s specialty stones. They are suitable for even the toughest steel types! These Japanese stones consist of an aluminium block, covered in a layer of diamond particles. The stones are bound by resin, optimally matched to the grit size of the abrasive particles. Naniwa Diamond Pro sharpening stones are tough, barely wear out and have a high concentration of sharpening particles.

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Features of Naniwa Diamond Pro

Naniwa Diamond Pro: grain sizes

There's a large range of grain sizes to choose from. From coarse (400 grit) to ultra fine (6000 grit). Naniwa has the grain size you need to get your knives back to razor sharpness. Assemble your own set with the grain sizes you need. Or go for a pre-assembled set with the most popular grain sizes!

Naniwa Diamond Pro: resin-bound

Naniwa's Diamond Pro stones are resin-bound diamond sharpening stones. This means that the diamond particles in the sharpening stone are embedded in a layer of synthetic resin. What is unique is that Naniwa make their own binding agent. Optimally matched to the grain size of the sharpening stone. This is part of the reason why Diamond Pro Stones are so incredibly good. They are tough, barely wear out and have a high concentration of abrasive particles. These sharpening stones can be used with or without water. The advantage of adding water is that the sharpening residue is immediately washed away.

Naniwa Diamond Pro Stones vs Diamond Stones

In 2024, Naniwa gave its entire line-up a makeover! Naniwa Diamond Pro Stones are the successors to the Naniwa Diamond Stones series. At their core, the stones have remained the same, only the names and packaging have received an upgrade.