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Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

Naniwa Super Stones: amazing Japanese sharpening stones

Naniwa Super Stones are thin Japanese sharpening stones that leave you with amazing sharpening results. The Super Stones have a favourable price-quality ratio and are available from grain #220 to the extremely fine #12000 grain.

Synthetic resin-bound sharpening stones

The Naniwa Super Stones are synthetic resin-bound. Naniwa takes care of the production of this binding agent themselves. Perfectly aligned to the grain size of the sharpening stone. It is one of the reasons why the Super Stones are so incredibly good. They are hard, do not wear out easily and have a high concentration of sharpening particles. As a result your knife won’t quickly ‘bite’ into your stone and the sharpening process goes quickly. In addition, they are splash and go: simply add some water and you are good to go.

Naniwa Super Stones: they are back

For many the name Super Stones might sound familiar. Years ago these stones were already an established name in the sharpening world. The stones were known for their hardness, minimal wear and tear and the amazing results that were achieved with them. However, Naniwa still decided to give the stones a different name: Specialty Stones. A new name, the same stones. The popularity increased but the name Super Stones stuck. Something Naniwa definitely noticed as well. And that is how, after years, the name Specialty had to make room for Super. The packaging changed as well, but the stones remained the same. After all, why change a winning team?