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Naniwa Basic Stones: sharpening stones for beginners

Naniwa Basic Stones sharpening stones are budget-friendly stones for beginners. These stones are of excellent quality, regardless of the price. The Basic Stones are made in Vietnam, where the production process is strictly supervised by Japanese sharpening specialists. The stones are dual-sided and relatively soft compared to the rest of Naniwa's range. That's why it's important to regularly use a flattening stone to keep the Basic Stones in tip-top condition. Because the stones are relatively thick, they will still last you many years.

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Features of Naniwa Basic Stones

Naniwa Basic Stones grain sizes

These stones are available in two versions; the 220/1000 grit sharpening stone and the 1000/3000 grit sharpening stone. The first stone with 220 grit is useful when the knife has become quite dull, and you want to restore the edge before sharpening it with the 1000-grit side. The 1000/3000 stone allows you to sharpen your knives back to even higher levels of sharpness. Both stones have a red side, that's the side with 1000 grit. The 220-grit side is green, and the 3000-grit side is yellow.

Naniwa Basic Stones: bonded with aluminium oxide

The sharpening stones are bound with aluminium oxide, making them slightly more brittle than diamond sharpening stones, for example. However, it also makes the abrasive effect less 'aggressive', resulting in a smoother edge. The Basic sharpening stones need to be submerged in water for a few minutes before you can use them.

Naniwa Basic Stones vs Multi Stones

In 2024, Naniwa gave its entire line-up a makeover! The Naniwa Basic Stones are the successor to the Naniwa Multi Stones. At their core, the stones have remained the same, only the names and packaging have received an upgrade.