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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Naniwa Multi Stones

The Naniwa Multi Stone is a relatively soft top-quality Japanese sharpening stone. The stone has two sharpening sides, for which aluminium oxide is used as abrasive. The Multi Stone is the successor of the previous Combination Stone. The Multi Stones are produced in Vietnam. The production process is strictly supervised by Japanese sharpening specialists. 

Because it wears slowly, unused sharpening grits are constantly brought to the surface. So the sharpening stone remains clean. Because the Multi Stone is quite thick it will still last for many years. The Multi Stone has to be submerged in water for a few minutes so it is saturated with water before it can be used.

We sell two versions of the Multi Stones: a combination of grain 220 and 1000 an a grain 1000/3000 sharpening stone. The first is great when you are dealing with a relatively blunt knife and you first need to restore the fold in order to sharpen the edge even finer with the 1000 grain afterwards. The 1000/3000 combination offers you the chance to turn a sharp knife into a razor-sharp knife.