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Authentic sharpening with a shaving belt

The shaving belt with the associated shaving paste is extremely suitable for the sharpening of traditional knives. You could say a shaving belt is nostalgic, but it still achieves fantastic results.

 Chef's Choice Set Graping Wheels

Chef's Choice Set Graping Wheels for CC120

 Chef'sChoice Sharpening Unit

Chef'sChoice Sharpening Unit for Sharpening Machine CC2000

 Lansky Eraser Block

Cleaning block for sharpening steels. Also removes stains from metal and pottery.

 Wicked Edge Angle Cube, slope meter

Angle meter to establish the exact sharpening angle.

 Lansky Universal Mount LM009

Universal holder for Lansky sharpening systems.

 Wicked Edge, granite stand

Granite stand for mounting a Wicked Edge sharpening system.

 Wicked Edge, case for sharpening system

Hard, extremely solid case for Wicked Edge sharpening system.

 Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter

Adapter for the sharpening of small edges with a Wicked Edge sharpening system.

 Work Sharp Ken Onion Blade Grinding Attachment

Accessory for Work Sharp Multi Sharpener, Ken Onion Edition.

 Edge Pro Stone Leveling Kit

Flat-tableau and silicon carbide for the flattening of sharpening stones.

 Lansky clamp for sharpening system

Replacement clamp for Lansky Sharpening System

 DMT Aligner clamp, plastic, ABG

Clamp for the DMT Aligner system. Easy sharpeing at a correct, constant angle.

 Vulkanus sharpener set ERSTVAABS, replacement set

Replacement set for the sharpening parts of the Vulkanus sharpening systems

 Edge Pro adapter for scissors, SCA

Adapter for sharpening scissors in the Edge Pro Professional sharpening system.

 Edge Pro adapter for smaller knives, SKA

Adapter for easy sharpening of small knives or pocket knives with thumb rests. Suitable for both the Professional and the Apex sharpening systems.

 Lansky guiding rods, LROD4

Set of four sharpening rods for a Lansky sharpening system

 Lansky Sharpening System Field Case, LFP01

Convenient bag for a Lansky-sharpening system.

 Lansky Super C-Clamp, LM010

Tafelklem voor het monteren van een Lansky-slijpsysteem.

 Tormek SVM-45 knife jig

Tormek SVM-45 knife jig

 Tormek SVM-00 small knife holder

Tormek SVM-00 small knife holder

 Tormek SVM-140 long knife jig, replacement for SVM

Tormek SVM-140 long knife jig, replacement for SVM

 Tormek SVX-150 scissor jig

Tormek SVX-150 scissor jig

 Tormek SVA-170 axe jig

Tormek SVA-170 axe jig

 Tormek TT-50 truing tool

Tormek TT-50 truing tool

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