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Naniwa sharpening accessories: maximize your Naniwa experience

Naniwa sharpening accessories enhance your sharpening experience with Naniwa sharpening stones. They assist you before, during, and after sharpening to get the most out of both your Naniwa stones and your knives. Naniwa sharpening accessories are aimed at sharpening enthusiasts who appreciate traditional Japanese sharpening products. Naniwa's sharpening accessories are designed for those who strive for the very best in the sharpening world.

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Features of Naniwa sharpening accessoires

Naniwa Dressing Stone

The Naniwa Dressing Stone will help you clean all types of sharpening stones. It generates a small mud-like layer, called slurry. This slurry can be hard to create with a fine grit size. The Dressing Stone can increase the effect of your sharpening stones very quickly. Make sure to wet the Naniwa Dressing Stone before use.

Naniwa strop

The Naniwa Leather strop is made of calfskin. Stropping is the final step in the sharpening process. Use it after you're done sharpening on your finest Naniwa sharpening stone. The strop will give you the ultimate sharpness!

Naniwa flattening stones

The Naniwa flattening stones are used to level the surface of a sharpening stone. After prolonged use, a sharpening stone will become slightly hollow. This is completely normal! Simply use a flattening stone to get the sharpening stone back into shape. A flat surface is essential to maintain the correct sharpening angle.

Naniwa sharpening stone holders

The Naniwa Sink Bridge and sharpening stone holder give you a solid base when you're sharpening. It ensures the sharpening stones are fixed in place, and it also raises the stones a little to give you a more pleasant way of working.