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Boska fondue sets & pots: for the most delicious melted cheeses

Boska has various fondue pans and sets for a successful cheese fondue dinner. Bring romance to the table with an adorable tapas fondue set with small contents. Or choose a large fondue set for bigger parties. Whether you want an evening of fondue for two or a large group, Boska has everything you need!

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Features of Boska cheese fondue sets

Boska fondue pans are available in different materials. From cast iron to stoneware. Both cast iron and stoneware have the advantage that it makes the cheese melt slowly without burning. Most cheese fondue sets come with a fixed number of cheese fondue forks. So keep that in mind while buying a Boska fondue set!

Different heat sources

Boska's cheese fondue sets can be used on many different heat sources. A metal pan will work on gas and induction hobs. Do you have a stoneware pan? These only work on a gas hob or in the microwave.

Cleaning your Boska fondue pot

Please note that the pans and forks with wooden handles are not dishwasher-safe. You can wash them by hand with water and a bit of soap. Also, please make sure to regularly apply a coat of maintenance oil.

How to use a Boska fondue set

How you use a Boska fondue set differs per product. Some pans might be fireproof, meaning you can use them on an open flame. For others, this is not possible. With these pans, you need to heat up your cheese in the microwave, or in another pan after which you pour the cheese into the fondue pan to serve it. You place the pan on the base, with tea lights or fondue burners to keep the cheese at the right temperature. Also nice: Boska's fondue sets are not only suitable for cheese fondue, but also for chocolate fondue. Delicious!