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Casserole: indispensable for slow cooking

casserole is used for slow cooking. The thick material makes sure that heat is distributed evenly and is held better. So this is the best pan for making stew. When you are looking for the best casserole we have a lot of choice for you. Would like to buy a good braiser? We have a Le Creuset casserole, but also those by Demeyere, Fissler, De Buyer and Zwilling are readily available.

Casserole materials

When you want a casserole for a very slow and long cooking, a cast-iron one would be the best option. It spreads and holds the heat best. For a shorter preparation time aluminum or stainless steel are also a good option. Especially since these are often lighter in weight.

Good casseroles have, next to very thick sides, also a heavy-duty lid. A small thin lid would never be able to hold the heat as well. Always pay attention to the materials used when buying casseroles. At knivesandtools you'll only find casseroles of the highest quality.