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Pans & Cookware

Want to buy a pan set?

The best pan set you can find at knivesandtools. Good pans are indispensable in the kitchen. After all, you cannot cook without proper cookware. When you are looking for a good pan set you have come to the right place. We have the best pan sets by Le Creuset, Zwilling, Fissler, De Buyer and Demeyere in stock.

Heat distribution

A good pan can be recognized by an even distribution of heat. The well-known flour-test can prove this: cover the bottom of a pan with an even layer of flour and put the heat on. A pan with an uneven spread of heat will show different brown circles in the flour. A good pan makes for a fine and even spread of the circle. We have pans for all kinds of heat sources. Pans for cooking on induction, ceramic, gas, halogen and electricity.

Pan set for cooking on induction

Looking for a pan set for induction heat? We are here for you! We have many pan sets that are suitable for induction cooking. Pans that have a flat magnetic surface on the bottom which makes contact all-over with the induction plate. Many sets are unsuitable because the bottom will not retain the heat, or because it is not smooth enough. When a set or pan is suitable for induction, we clearly mention it at the product itself.

Quality pan set

A good pan set distinguishes itself by having certain qualities. Some series have ‘cold grips’ (also called heat-resistant handles), which don’t become hot when the pan is heated. Also a good pan will not curve when you change heat sources. For example, when you cook on a gas stove for 10 years and your new kitchen has an induction cooking plate. Many pans cannot handle such a transition. Another different outstanding quality of pans are lids that are formed to reduce condensation and help it drip back into the pan. Condensation will never be in the way anymore!