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Fissler Cookware: cook like a chef

Fissler Cookware are the epitome of German top quality. Since 1845 the German company Fissler has been making pans and all kinds of other kitchen utensils. Fissler leads the way when it comes to the heat distribution on the bottom side of pans.

The innovative designs of the Fissler pans make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. In some series, Fissler has designed lids that make condensation fall back into the pan. Also, Fissler has lids that can stay on the pan at all times. You will never have lids laying around in your kitchen anymore. With a Fissler pan you have a pan for life!

Fissler at knivesandtools

At knivesandtools you can find your Fissler Cooking Pot, Fissler Skillet, Fissler Frying Pan and Fissler Pressure Cooker. We also have the best Fissler Pan Set for you.

Benefits of Fissler Cookware

Fissler pans have a high quality bottom surface that distributes the heat optimally. You can test this by putting a thin layer of flour on the surface. A pan of lower quality will then clearly show the location of the heat source. A Fissler pan distributes heat in a way that the total heat distributes evenly. This is because of the way it is manufactured and the materials used. For instance, a high quality pan will have a bottom surface made from 3 separate layers with different materials. This will retain and spread the heat better, making it more efficient. Ideal cookware for induction cooking.

Fissler Cookware excels in more than just the technology for their bottom surfaces. Most of the Fissler handles are cooler than other pans. The grips they have are called ‘cold grips’. Fissler uses handles they have cleverly designed so they never get hot. Even the metal handles are in most cases equipped with a special technology that stops the transfer of heat. When a pan or pan set is delivered with cold grips, it is mentioned in the text specifically.

Fissler Vitavit Pressure Cooker

Next to the regular Fissler pans, their pressure cooker is also way ahead of the competition. Fissler Pressure cookers have all kinds of convenient features. Most Fissler pressure cookers not only allow cooking under high pressure, but they can cook also under lower pressure or steam. These pressure cookers show immediately when the pan is under pressure. You don’t have to stick magnets on it anymore to know when the pan is ready.