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Pans & Cookware

Fissler pan set: professional and complete pan sets

Immediately want to get started with the best pans? If so, a Fissler pan set is the best solution. The Fissler pan sets are comprised of multiple cooking pots in different sizes, sometimes complemented by a sauce pan.

Advantages of Fissler pans

Fissler pans are the epitome of German quality. Ever since 1845 Fissler has been producing pans and different kitchen utensils. Fissler leads the way when it comes to the heat distribution of the bases of its pans.

The Fissler pans are enhanced with highly conductive bases that ensure optimum heat distribution. You can test it by spreading out a layer of flower on the base of your dry pan. An inferior pan will clearly show you where the heat source is underneath your pan. A Fissler pan will spread out the heat evenly to make sure the entire base of the pan heats up. On the one hand it is the result of the manufacturing process, on the other it is because better materials were used for the base. The base of a good pan can, for instance, be comprised of three different layers with different materials. As such, the heat is better distributed, but the pan also retains heat better and passes it on more efficiently. So, great pans for cooking on induction hobs.

The innovative designs of the Fissler pans will make your life in the kitchen a lot better. Fissler, for instance, added lids to some collections that were designed as such that the condensation will automatically fall back in the pan. The brand also came up with a lid that allows you to secure it on the pan. As such you will never have lids lying around in your kitchen again. Fissler pans will last a lifetime!

Fissler pans do not only excel because of their base. The handles are also quite special. They are called cold grips. Fissler namely uses clever designs to make sure the handles no longer heat up. Even the metal handles are, in most cases, enhanced with a special technology to make sure they don't heat up. Please check the product specifications under the product to see if a pan comes with cold grips.