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de Buyer Choc Intense: the first de Buyer pan with non-stick coating

The de Buyer Choc Intense pans are, because of their non-stick coating, perfect when preparing meat, fish, vegetables and the best pancakes or crepes. And all that without using any butter! The incredibly thick aluminium evenly distributes the heat. The extra strong, epoxy coated stainless steel handle is secured with very robust rivets. Main advantage: the Choc Intense pans can be used on all cooking hobs, including induction. But please note: temperatures higher than 250°C can damage the pan.

Cleaning this pan is a piece of cake and only requires hot water, some mild detergent and a cleaning brush. You cannot clean this pan in the dishwasher because it will cause irreparable damage to the pan.

History of de Buyer

The French company de Buyer has been producing top-quality cooking equipment ever since 1830. All products are still produced in France. So original European quality.

These de Buyer Choc Intense pans are the first ever de Buyer pans with a non-stick coating. Because of the strong PTFE coating you can prepare any dish without needing butter or oil.