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Naniwa Specialty Stones

Replaced by Super Stones

Knife sharpening & maintenance

Naniwa Specialty Stones

The Naniwa Specialty Stone is quite a hard Japanese water stone. Because of the hardness it is not very likely that a knife will 'bite' into the sharpening stone and the lifespan is very long.

This sharpening stone does not absorb water and is therefore ready for immediate use. However, it is important to keep the stone wet during the sharpening process. The Specialty Stones wear very slowly so they always remain clean and you will always be sharpening with new sharpening grits.

The Naniwa Specialty stones are the successor of the Naniwa Super stones. Naniwa improved the binding agent keeping the abrasive together. Every aspect of the production of Naniwa sharpening stones is done by Naniwa. Very strict quality control guarantees a consistent high quality.

Naniwa Specialty Stones: replaced by Super Stones

The Naniwa Specialty Stones are the successor and predecessor of the Naniwa Super Stones. Naniwa replaced the name of the thin Super Stones with Specialty Stones. The name Super Stones, however, had gotten so popular that many kept using it. Naniwa definitely noticed this as well: after been given the name Specialty Stones, the stones were once again introduced with their old name.