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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Skerper Basic: everything you need for successful sharpening!

The Skerper Basic series offers everything you need for a great sharpening result! Practical sharpening stones with multiple grain sizes or a diamond sharpening rod. The Skerper Basic products are excellent value for money and are suitable for people with a lot of experience in sharpening, as well as beginners.

Skerper Basic sets

These sets are put together to offer a comprehensive solution for sharpening and maintaining your knives. With the ergonomic double-sided sharpening stones you kill two birds with one stone! You can use the 180/600 stone for re-shaping the edge and the 1000/3000 to get that next-level sharpness! You can keep your knives sharp with the ceramic and diamond sharpening rods. The indispensable stone holder provides a stable base when sharpening. With a Skerper Basic set you take the first step to becoming a sharpening master!