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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Skerper Professional sharpening stones: for a professional result

Skerper Professional sharpening stones offer a razor-sharp result, for a low price. The stones sharpen quickly and are quite hard. As a result, they wear out less and "bite" less quickly into the stone and sharpening becomes fast and easy to do. 

The large size of the stones make sharpening larger knives possible. The thickness of the stone guarantees a longer life-span. With a set of Skerper Professional whetstones you can sharpen for years and years.

Benefits of Skerper Professional sharpening stones

We let the Skerper sharpening products be made especially and exclusively for ourselves. This way we can offer them cheaper because there is no other party in between. The Skerper Professional sharpening stones are produced by a reputable manufacturer in Japan. So you get great quality, for a very competitive price.

Compared to the basic Skerper sharpening stones, the Skerper Professional stones are of higher quality. The sharpening result is finer and sharper. Because of the dimensions the Professional stones are a bit more comfortable in use and can be used over a longer period of time.

Skerper Professional sharpening set

The Skerper Professional sharpening set offers you even more advantages! You get a complete set including Dressing Stone and universal stone holder, for a sharper price. With the Skerper Professional sharpening set you are ready to go!

Combi deals

You don’t need the complete sharpening set, but you would like to order multiple stones? Then you can still take advantage of Combi deals. At the bottom of the product page you can see various products which are Combi deals. When you order these products together with the stones you automatically get a discount.

Dressing Stone

We recommend to use a Naniwa Dressing Stone when ordering an Skerper Professional stone. With the Dressing Stone you can remove metal residue after sharpening. You also flatten the stone a little right away so you don’t get big uneven surfaces.