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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Skerper Arkansas: sharpen with natural Arkansas stones

Skerper Arkansas natural sharpening stones are quarried in the Ouachita mountains of Arkansas. The stones are being mined and cut to the right size. The Arkansas stones come in a few different shapes and sizes, with 5 different grits.

They accommodate each step of sharpening, from the rough bevel setting all the way to a fine polish.

Made of novaculite

The Skerper Arkansas stones are made from novaculite. Quarried in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas, the only place in the world where novaculite can be found. Thanks to the cryptocrystalline structure it has the ability to remove less material than other abrasive products. On top of that it will maintain its shape and effective abrasive abilities for an extended period of time, without having to flatten of lap the stone. This durability and structure makes the stones truly unique.

Grits of the Arkansas sharpening stones

The Skerper Arkansas stones come in a variety of grits, sizes and shapes. The Arkansas stones are graded by their hardness, with five different grit sizes. Soft Arkansas is the lowest of the grits, comparable to an American 400-600 grit synthetic stone. Up next are the Hard Arkansas (800-1000 grit), Hard Black Arkansas (2000-3000 grit) and Surgical Black Arkansas (4000-6000 grit). The highest of the grits is the Translucent Arkansas, comparable to an 8000-10.000 grit synthetic stone.

The different sizes of the stones will suit home sharpening that requires a big stone surface for kitchen knives, to the pocket stones for the people on the go. Whatever your sharpening needs, with Skerper Arkansas you will always have the right stone for the job.


Skerper Arkansas Stones: A big punch for a small size

There are so many necessary fundamental skills for a woodsman to have in their arsenal. From fire lighting, to camp craft, water purification and knotmanship, just to name a few. It can be overwhelming when you start your outdoors journey to know where your focus should lie, and what skills you should master. With that being said, arguably, one of the most fundamental skills any bushcrafter or outdoor enthusiast can focus on is tool maintenance.