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Skerper Stropping

Sharpen sharper with Skerper!

Skerper strops: sharpen the cut with Skerper

With the Skerper strops, you sharpen even better. Stropping is an ideal way to sharpen the cut of your knives or chisels a little more. By polishing with a strop, you remove the last imperfections from the cut. This makes your knife even sharper than with conventional sharpening methods. Daily maintenance is also possible with a strop. Use it with your knife every day to postpone more intensive maintenance. Please note that stropping only supports sharpening, it does not replace it. Your knife still has to be well-sharpened in advance to let stropping to its work. Strop your knives with Skerper strops and achieve the ultimate sharpness with your knives!

 Eden stropping compound gray, coarse

Coarse stropping compound for polishing away sharpening marks.

 Skerper Paddle Strop STP001, stropping paddle

Big stropping paddle with comfortable grip. Length usable part: 29 cm.

 Skerper Pocket Strop STP002, stropping paddle

Compact stropping paddle for on the road. Length usable part: 18,4 cm.

 Skerper Flexible Pocket Strop STP003, stropping paddle

Compact and flexible stropping paddle for on the road. Length usable part: 12,2 cm

 Skerper Straight razor strop STB001

Strop for straight razors and other knives. Length usable part: 28,5 cm.

 Skerper paddle strop Viking, stropping paddle

Substantial stropping paddle with useful handle. Length useable part: 29 cm.

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