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Roasting trays

Easily create the most delicious meat dishes

Want to buy the best roaster?

A good roaster tin is perfect for roasts, poultry, fish and oven dishes. You can use a roaster in a variety of ways. You can use it to prepare food on your stove and afterwards put it straight in the oven. You can choose to place your product directly on the bottom of the roaster, or use a tray so the juices can flow freely.

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How do you choose the right roaster?

Before buying the roaster, figure out what exactly you want to use the roaster for. When you want to place it on your stove you might want to go for Le Creuset. Le Creuset’s cast-iron material guarantees optimal heat transfer. This is also ideal for making oven dishes. Pay attention to non-stick layers and the maximum temperature they can take. Are you going to use the roaster purely in the oven? Then choose a roaster with a tray. The material and width of the sides do not matter as much. Also, again, pay attention to non-stick layers and the maximum temperature they can take.

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 SCANPAN Classic keramische braadslede, 34x22cm

Type: braadslede Inhoud: 3.0L Antiaanbaklaag: titanium/keramisch

 SCANPAN Classic keramische braadslede, 39x27cm

Type: braadslede Inhoud: 5.0L Antiaanbaklaag: titanium/keramisch

 SCANPAN Impact braadslede met rooster, 42x26cm

Type: braadslede met rooster Afmetingen: 42x26 cm Antiaanbaklaag: geen

 de Buyer Mineral B Element roasting tin, 43x34 cm 5664.40

Type: roasting tin with stainless steel grid Diameter: 43 x 34 cm Non-stick coating: carbon steel

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