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Outdoor pans: for the ultimate cooking experience

At the campsite or during a hike you want to be able to enjoy a nice meal for which you will need a great pan. But more qualities are important when you are looking for the right pan. For instance, during a hike it is key that a pan doesn’t weigh too much and can easily and compactly be stored. For it you have different solutions, like a set of pans you can stack or a light-weight pan with a foldable handle. These pans are perfect when you don’t have a lot of room but still want to take a pan with you. When size and weight are not that important a cast-iron frying pan or a Dutch Oven could be the right choice for you. And what about kettles you can hang from a tripod over an open flame? The possibilities are endless.

Light-weight pans for on the road

Taking a cooking set with you without it taking up too much room: it is possible. A camping pan is different from a regular pan because of the clever innovations to make sure the pan is as small and manageable as possible. There are, for instance, pans with a foldable handle or a set of pans that neatly fits together. For instance, a compact set of pans comprised of two pans, a frying pan, a pan handle and a pouring lid that hardly take up more room than only one pan. They are out there!

Cast-iron frying pans

A cast-iron frying pan is also called a skillet. These pans can directly be placed over an open flame but are also great on other heat sources. This makes the skillet incredibly versatile and perfect for inside and outside use. A skilled is often enhanced with either one or two handles. Which pan is best for you depends on what you prefer. If you are looking for deliciously fried potatoes, the perfect steak or want to whip up some pancakes: with this pan it is all possible.

Dutch Ovens

A Dutch Oven is a cast-iron pan with which you can do just about anything. This applies both to the methods of preparation and the heat sources for which this pan is suited. Use the pan in the oven, on the BBQ or even over an open flame. A Dutch oven without feet can also easily be used on the stove. Do, however, keep in mind that a Dutch Oven with feet won’t work on an induction hob. You can use it to bake, fry, stew roast and grill. A great Dutch Oven has a lid with raised edges to make sure you can fill it with coals. As a result you can use the pan as an oven to prepare the most delicious pizzas, bread, pies and casseroles. All with the same pan. Curious? Check out all our Dutch Ovens.