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A good sauce pan is indispensable

This pan shouldn’t be missing from your kitchen. And almost every pan set has one. We are, of course, talking about the sauce pan. A sauce pan is mostly used to boil an egg, but can be used for many more things. It is a great pan to boil a small amount of potatoes, vegetables or pasta, and, obviously, to make sauces. For the products that easily burn, such as sauces, there are also sauce pans enhanced with a non-stick coating.

Only looking to use the sauce pan for sauces? Choose a sauce pan with a round base. The high edges and the round shape make sure that the liquid products are heated on all sides and that you can easily use a whisk inside the pan. Because of the round base the sauce won’t stick to the corners of the pan. As such it won’t burn. In addition, sauce pans are often enhanced with an extra broad pouring edge or even a pouring spout.

We offer you a wide range of sauce pans to choose from. For each pan we have listed on which cooking hob it can be used. So, regardless of the heat source and the demands in terms of shape and materials, there will always be one that will suit your needs.