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Le Creuset tagines: meet the Moroccan cuisine

With a tagine of Le Creuset, you will become acquainted with the Moroccan cuisine. A tagine consists of a pot of solid cast iron with a lid of earthenware. It looks a bit like a chimney, because of the cone-like shape.

In a tagine, you can prepare meat, fish and vegetables. When your dish is ready, serve it in the cast iron pot. Enjoy!

What is a tagine?

The tagine has its origins in North-Africa. Especially stews of meat, fish or vegetables are prepared in the tagine. The tagine is a cooking pot with a very high cover with a cone-like shape. This ensures that condensation constantly flows back in the pot during preparation. This makes the dish flavourful and juicy. To help you, Le Creuset has included an instruction booklet with useful tips and recipes. This is how you make a flying start with the tagine!

The tagine is suitable for all kinds of heat sources, including oven, induction and all electric hot plates. Please note that when used in an oven, the condensation does not flow back in the pot because the lid also gets hot. Obviously, the cast iron pan can also be used for other dishes.

About Le Creuset

The basis for the success of the pans by Le Creuset is started on the Brussels Stock Exchange in 1924. Armand Desaegher (specialist in cast iron) and Octave Aubecq (specialist in enamel) are joining forces and decide to found a company. A golden collaboration. The enameled pans from Le Creuset have been conquering the world since 1925.

Over the years, Le Creuset continued to innovate. They regularly go back to the drawing board to come up with new designs, models and colors. This tagine is a good example. A beautiful, high-quality pan that introduces you to the North-African cuisine in a delicious way.