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Le Creuset 3-ply: practical and versatile

The pans from the Le Creuset 3-ply collection are practical, versatile, and suitable for everyday use. From cooking vegetables, potatoes or pasta, to making sauces and soups.

Use them on all heat sources (including induction and the oven), and clean them in the dishwasher. The stylish matt design, large handles, and its robustness are what characterizes the 3-ply collection.

Le Creuset 3-ply construction

The pans from the 3-ply collection are comprised of a three-layer system, called 3-ply. Two outer layers of stainless steel with an aluminium core. This sandwich construction is used throughout the pan, from the bottom to the edge. As such you will have a fine heat conduction and heat zones are prevented. Because of this construction the pans quickly respond to changes in temperature that occur on the stove. Say goodbye to burnt dishes and hello to delicious and perfectly cooked food.


Because of the three-layer system most foods can be prepared at average or low temperatures. Even baking and searing. Adjust the size of the stove to the size of the pan. For instance, gas flames should only be visible underneath the pan and never along the sides. When the heat source is bigger than the diameter of the bottom you will lose heat.

Non-stick coating

The 3-ply collection is comprised of pans with and without a non-stick coating. The non-stick frying pans and the sauce pans have been enhanced with a, PFOA-free (materials with PTFE are toxic when overheated), non-stick coating. This coating is what makes this pan ideal when cooking with less fat or oil. Use these pans on a medium or low heat and the product will easily release itself from the bottom.

When you start working with an uncoated pan (a pan that doesn’t have a non-stick coating) for the first time you need to prep it before use. You need to apply the non-stick coating yourself. This is called seasoning. You can achieve this by adding a little bit of vegetable oil to the pan. Spread a thin layer of oil across the entire surface of the pan with a paper towel. Next, heat the oil until it begins to smoke. Remove the pan from the heat, let it cool and clean it. Afterwards you can easily clean the pan with a paper towel. You will need to repeat the seasoning-process if you decide to clean the pan in your dishwasher. The detergent will have affected the non-stick coating and needs to be restored.

Benefits of the Le Creuset 3-ply pans

The pans from the 3-ply collection have a number of benefits. For instance, the pans are suitable for any type of heat source, they are dishwasher-proof, and they have a pouring rim which will enable you to pour contents from the pan without spilling. The sauce pans have been equipped with a useful content indication on the inside to measure liquids. The sauce and sauté pans are delivered with a close-fitting lid which will enable you to cook with less moisture.

Perfect for any type of heat source

The pans can be used on any type of stove. The stainless steel layers are comprised of magnetic steel which also makes these pans perfect for induction.

Why not use these pans in a conventional oven or place one underneath the grill? When placing it underneath the grill you need to make sure you keep a 5 cm distance between the grill and the edge of the pan. The pans are oven-proof up to 220 degrees (gas mark 7) when the lid is placed on the pan. When you place the pan in the oven without the lid the pan can take up to 260 degrees.


Before using it clean the pan with some soap and make sure it is dry before using it. Cleaning the pan can be done by hand, but it is also dishwasher-proof. However, keep in mind the fact that putting it in the dishwasher might affect the finish of the pan.

Close-fitting lid

The close-fitting lid is ideal when you want to cook without the additional moisture. A close-fitting lid will retain the heat and moisture, which will not only preserve the flavours, it will help you cook more economically.

Pouring rim

The sides of the pans have been specifically designed in order for you to pour without spilling.