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Pans & Cookware

Want to buy a Le Creuset oven dish? Have a look at the Les Céramiques series!

The Le Creuset oven dishes are designed for preparing the perfect Beef Bourguignon or a delicious potato gratin. You really get a taste of French culture inside your kitchen with this dish.

The baking dish is made of high quality and durable stoneware. They can take temperatures from -18 °c to 260 °c so you can put them inside the freezer and/or oven. Useful when you have leftovers to freeze, or a frozen dish you want to heat up. You can also put these in the microwave or under the grill. Le Creuset stoneware has an enamelled surface which is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and will not absorb odours or flavours. With an excellent Le Creuset baking dish you can prepare, serve or store food like no other!

Using the Le Creuset baking dish and its benefits

The Le Creuset ovens are truly multifunctional, but what is the real advantage of the material and how can you use it?

They are more resistant to temperature differences and wear and tear compared to glass. The Le Creuset oven dishes have a special enameled surface which makes them really special. According to Le Creuset it makes it completely waterproof. This is important to prevent cracks or tears in the stoneware. Despite its resistance to temperature differences, we recommend to heat and cool down the baking dish gradually. Directly from the freezer into the hot oven and vice versa can irreparably damage it!

History of the Le Creuset pans

The foundation of the success of the pans by Le Creuset goes back to the Brussels Stock Exchange in 1924. Armand Desaegher (cast-iron specialist) and Octave Aubecq (enamel specialist) team up and decide to create a company together. This turns out to be a great partnership. Since 1925 the enamelled pans by Le Creuset are conquering the world.

Through the years Le Creuset continues to innovate. Going back to the drawing board to create new designs, models and color-schemes. The urge to renew and innovate is what keeps these iconic pans now, more than 90 years later, the best in the world. Unmatched production quality and leading design and coloring make Le Creuset to be an icon.