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Naniwa Chosera Stones

Have been replaced by the new and improved Naniwa Professional Stones

Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

Naniwa Chosera Stones

The Chosera-series by Naniwa was the premium line of the assortment. The Naniwa Chosera sharpening stones are ready for immediate use because they do not absorb any water. It is sufficient to wet them. Because the Chosera-line consists of hard sharpening stones they will last for many years. The grit size varies from a Chosera #400 to a Chosera #10000, which can be used to  sharpen a very blunt knife into a razor sharp condition. This applies for kitchen knives, pocket knives and knives for outdoor use. 

Naniwa has improved the well-known Japanese water stones even further. Particularly the binding agent that keeps the sharpening grits together is improved. The production of it is done entirely in-house at Naniwa. A very strict quality control guarantees a constant high level. It is with good reason that the Naniwa sharpening stones belong to the absolute top of the range. The Chosera-water stones are now succeeded by the Naniwa Professional Stones.