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Electric sharpeners: sharpening knives à la minute

You could call an electric sharpener the cook's assistant. The slits in the machine will always enable your knife to be sharpened in the right angle. Electric sharpeners have various processes or phases a knife is sharpened in. It often starts with a coarser sharpening disc followed by ceramic or diamond discs for fine finishing. The so called hybrid sharpeners (like the Chef’s Choice 220) are part electric and part a manual sharpener. That is the last process for polishing the knife.


Favourite electric sharpener

Our absolute favourite brand of electric sharpeners: Chef’s Choice. Super quality and razor-sharp results.

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 Chef'Choice - CC2000 Knife Sharpening Machine

Professional grade 2-stage knife sharpening machine. Uses diamond coated discs in Step 1, and ceramic discs in Step 2. With removable sharpening module.

 Chef's Choice Set Graping Wheels

Chef's Choice Set Graping Wheels for CC120

 Chef'sChoice CC220 Hybrid knife sharpening machine

Electric knife sharpener featuring two stages for sharpening kitchen knives and pocket knives.

 Work Sharp Multi-Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

Work Sharp Multi-Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

 Work Sharp Ken Onion tool grinding attachment

Accessory for sharpening tools with the Work Sharp Multi Sharpener, Ken Onion Edition.

 Work Sharp Ken Onion Blade Grinding Attachment

Accessory for Work Sharp Multi Sharpener, Ken Onion Edition.

 Kai Shun Elektric water sharpener

Electric sharpening system by Kai Shun. Using a sharpening stone grit 1000.

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