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Maxpedition AGR: Advanced Gear Research for even better backpacks!

Maxpedition Logo

The Maxpedition AGR collection is comprised of amazing backpacks, bags and EDC pouches. AGR stands for Advanced Gear Research. This means that for this collection Maxpedition went back to the drawing board to re-examine each material used, each MOLLE attachment and all closures. Can we do better? Can it be more sustainable? Can it become stronger? Can this look more beautiful? The result is a well-thought out collection of bags. Made to last a long time, even when faced with extreme conditions.

Maxpedition: the people at MOLLE

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is comprised of a system of loops you use to weave MOLLE clips through. As such you end up with a strong connection that can also easily be removed. It is therefore not that strange that soldiers, bobbies and other users who definitely need to be able to rely on their gear are big fans of Maxpedition. As a result you can definitely rely on the Maxpedition AGR collection. Thousands of professionals beat you to the punch.