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Looking for a Silky Gomboy saw?

The Silky Gomboy collection is comprised of practical folding saws that can be used for many different purposes. Whether you are looking for firewood during a hike in the mountains or are looking after your garden: a folding saw shouldn’t be missing from your tool set. The Gomboy folding saws are compact and easy to take with you in your backpack.

With the slightly curved blade you can comfortably and easily cut through, for instance, branches. The hard chrome blade is anti-corrosive and has an abrasion-resistant surface. Because of the hardened teeth the saw remains sharp for a long time. The handle feels great in hand and is made from a comfortable type of rubber. As such you will always have enough grip regardless of the circumstances.

Silky Comboy replaceable sawblade

You need to keep the blade clean to make sure your saw works perfectly. Resin resolves in olive oil. As such it is an effective way to clean the blade. Store the saw in its sheath after it has completely dried. If, after a long period of use, you need to replace the blade you can easily purchase a new one!